Two New Awesome Apps Launched by Google Android

New Awesome Apps

In this article you come to know about the two new awesome apps launch by Google for android in 2019.

And this app is definitely the best apps launch by Google, with amazing functions.

These awesome apps are going to fulfill the requirement of it’s android universe by launching these great awesome apps in 2019.

For the user’s with hearing problems, this awesome apps launch by google is going to help them out.

Google Launches Two New Awesome Apps in 2019

The name of the two applications is known as Live Transcribe and Sound Amplifier, which makes the life very easier.

This two new awesome apps is going to help people with hearing problems, and sorting their life in good manner.

These two awesome new applications is simply focuses and made for the people with hearing problems.

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This application helps it’s users to understand the person and to communicate in the transparent way.

1. Live Transcribe App

The first application is known as Live Transcribe which is basically an app which converts the voice to text.

This converter helps people with hearing problem or deaf people to easily understand the words said to them.


As in the above video you see how this app simply transcript the words in real time, and is really helpful for the people with hearing problems

Thereby communicating in a special environment and is very helpful in many ways.

After just opening the application, it starts working and is so simple, can be used immediately after opening it.

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The user interface of this application is very much minimal, but fulfills it’s exact purpose.

This application respond by text whenever it is necessary which ensures the responsiveness at any time and to any user.

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Though this amazing application is in the testing phase, but awesome thing is that in this phase it can be used by any person.

Live Transcribe
Live Transcribe
Price: Free

2. Sound Amplifier App

And by far the most amazing application I’ve seen, after this the second app comes known as Sound Amplifier.

This Sound Amplifier application is basically working as a hearing aid, by it’s amazing settings the sound can be set.

This awesome application by Google lets you adjust the android’s audio setting as per the user demand or need.

Even you can easily expand the audio frequencies which are best or those which should be increased in order to get best results.

This Sound amplifier is going to be part of android, which is now present on Nexus devices and exists as an independent app.

With these two amazing new apps, Google’s opens up the android support to the people who are in need of it.

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The operating system and the user interface of the application and also the easy use of the application is a great thing.

Sound Amplifier
Sound Amplifier
Developer: Google LLC
Price: Free

These are the two new and amazing apps launch by the Google, which are really helpful for many people.

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