10 Best Action Games for Android in 2019

Best Action Games

Games are one of the things that would keep you relaxed at your leisure time, but what games would really interest you and keep you entertained? You can play any game, but that game should atleast not bore you. In all the categories of Android games, the action games are the most played and are always addictive, be it fighting, shooting, fps and others. Here in this article, I bring to your notice, the best action games for Android smartphones.

That joy when you’re dealing your opponents blows, in fighting action games, or spraying bullets upon your enemies with amazing guns or going to rescue someone or a group of people, or trying to survive on a vast land, that’s what we all look for in any action game we download. The intensity of every mission you must go through, and strategic tactics which you formulate from your mind to win those missions will find you wanting more out of that game.

Best Action Games for Android in 2019

Now, let me get you hooked up with the best action games you can download and play on your Android smartphone to enjoy an immersive gameplay.

1. PUBG Mobile

PUBG Mobile | Best Action Games

PUBG Mobile is an action and survival Android game that’s all about a last man standing gameplay. In this game, you got to do anything possible, to survive on that isolated island which you and other players were dropped. It takes a person who thinks fast and is able to use amazing skills to play and win missions in this game.

PUBG Mobile offers one multiple gameplay modes in which you got to survive. You can play solo on your own, against other players, or you can form a team/squad to take on other opposing teams in a battleground. Here, you all will have to trust and help each other in every possible way, utilize every weapon you lay hands on, as that can only guarantee victory in every match.

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2. Fortnite Battle Royale

Fortnite Battle Royale

Fortnite is another battle survival game for Android phones. Though this game do not play on or support most Android devices, it has still made it’s mark to be one of the best action games one can play on Android. It has got a little similar gameplay to PUBG Mobile and will surely interest you to play.

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Fortnite is packed with a lot of gameplay modes and missions that’ll keep your fingers busy on your screen. This game is highly addictive and has got an amazing HD Graphics that makes everything look so real. To play this game, your Android smartphone has got to meet some certain requirements. Fortnite Battle Royale will surely make you a strategic planner, as you play it’s missions.

3. Modern Combat 5

Modern Combat 5

Modern Combat 5 is one of the best online FPS action game you should play on your Android phone. If you’re looking for lots of action, and gun shoot outs, drone bombers and rocket launchers, then this is the game to play. Here you go on rescue missions, and fight against terrorists which you must have to eliminate to win the mission.

Modern Combat 5 is one of the action games, that’s packed with a lot of dangerous and automatic weapons which you use to kill and destroy your enemies. You can also play an online multiplayer fps battle in this game, and this multiplayer feature is one thing that’s quite addictive in the game. You have to be intense and show no mercy if you want to get through all the missions in this game.

4. Injustice 2

Injustice 2

Injustice 2 is another interesting action fighting game that offers you the opportunity of using your favorite DC Comins Super Heroes and Villains in a combat. You get to use these characters to fight against other opponents. You can upgrade your super heroes or villains with special powers and more fighting skill.

Injustice 2 will give you the chance to assemble a team of heroes like Batman, Flash & Wonder Woman to combat other forces against you. In this game, you can master new combos and crush opponents in dynamic 3-on-3 battles. Become a champion in the game, by collecting gear for your characters and dominating your foes in PvP contests. Injustice 2 is just an awesome fighting game to play on Android.

5. GTA: San Andreas

Grand Theft Auto - San Andreas

Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas is a popularly played game from the Rockstar franchise. It’s an open-world action and strategic game that talks about a Carl Johnson who has just got out from jail, and got to find out that his mother was killed by whom he’s yet to know. Now that he’s back, you’ve got to help him fulfill and complete mission’s.

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You mission in GTA San Andreas, will be to help Carl Johnson run operations and go through hard missions that would put his life at stake. This game is awesome to play, you get to hijack and drive cars, buy weapons and change outfit’s, kill cops and be a die hard gangster, and a lot more others. If you want to experience real action in a game, then GTA San Andreas has got you covered.

6. Battlelands Royale

Battlelands Royale

Battlelands Royale which is made for mobile, is a casual Battle Royale game for everyone to enjoy. With 32 players and 3-5 minute matches it’s a whole lot of fun! No waiting in lobbies; no complicated menus to navigate. Just play, parachute, loot, and survive! Play Solo or join forces with fellow players in Duos. Choose your landing spot, drop in and win!

Play on a huge map with awesome locations like the Hideout, Ship, Maze and Trainyard. Or maybe you’ll hide away in Camper’s Paradise? Whatever your strategy, don’t get caught by the storm! As you play you’ll unlock customized content like parachutes, emotes and special characters by gaining XP and levelling up. Get the Battle Pass for even more rewards, and play with Rare and Legendary characters too!

7. Critical Ops

Critical Ops

Critical Ops is a 3D Multiplayer FPS game for mobile. Experience action, where fast reflexes and TACTICAL skills are essential to success. Critical Ops is a first-person shooter that features competitive combat through beautifully crafted maps and challenging game modes. Battle it out alongside your band of brothers or lead an individual scoreboard.

The outcome is determined by your skills and your strategy. Offering no in-app purchases that give competitive advantages, we guarantee a FAIR-TO-PLAY scene! Master a variety of weapons and skills by competing in intense PvP gameplay. Competitive ranked games pit you against other similarly skilled operatives. Are you ready for the most skill-based mobile FPS? Play Critical Ops now!

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8. Into the Dead 2

Into the Dead 2

Into the Dead 2 is a sequel to the hit zombie action game Into the Dead. Just like it’s first part, Into the Dead 2 is all about a zombie infested world in which normal humans has got to do everything in their power to survive. This game puts you in a very difficult situation which you must think strategically and also act fast or you get eaten by zombies.

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Journey through the zombie apocalypse in a race to save your family. Arm yourself with an arsenal of powerful weapons and do whatever it takes to survive. Maim, mow down, and massacre the Dead – anything to keep moving! In a world where no one is safe, how far will you go to make it out alive? Complete 7 action-packed chapters, 60 stages, and hundreds of challenges.



SHADOWGUN LEGENDS is a first person shooter and RPG action game, in which you get to experience an epic story campaign, competitive PvP and cooperative multiplayer. The game is all about the futuristic world of Shadowgun Legends, where humanity is under attack from a deadly alien invader.

The last line of defense are the Shadowguns, legendary warriors and heroes. You can use any of the characters and join the shooting action and show the galaxy who’s boss. Fight for survival of humanity from an alien invader in an epic Story Campaign spanning over hundreds of missions on 4 diverse planets. Fight your rivals in unique multiplayer PVP game modes and diverse PvP arenas.

10. Xenowerk

Xenowerk | Best Action Games

Xenowerk is an action shooter game packed with mutants! This is a top-down action shooter game challenging your combat skills in an underground science lab. Descend deeper into the abyss and explore the tarnished levels. Armed with a flashlight as your main guidance, you’ll never know what’s lurking in the dark!

Your objective is to destroy all the nests and eliminate all mutants to prevent them from spreading. Xenowerk has 70 levels to explore with increasing difficulty. As progressing through the game you’ll come across a growing number of mutants and expanding areas to cleanse. Be the last hope against the mutant infestation. Enter the aftermath of a scientific experiment gone wrong.

Final Thoughts

So there you have it, the best action games for Android smartphone to give you all the fun you need. These games listed above are surely the action games you would want to play on your mobile phone. If we missed anyone you know is also good for Android, you can tell us about it via the comment section, and we’ll make sure to get it added to this list. Meanwhile help share this article to others as it would prove helpful.


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