6 Best Apps to Earn Google Play Card for Free 2019

Google Play Cards

Google Play Card is one of the best gift cards out there, and having one loaded to your google accounts with some amounts will let you get easy access to pay for games, apps, music, books and other stuffs in the google play store, however to get one isn’t that difficult cause you can buy from google it self or go to sites that offers gift card sales.

There are also apps to earn google play card for free, which is why today’s article is about 6 Best Apps to Earn Google Play Card for Free, these apps won’t give you google play card magically, you will need to do quest, play games and earn points, and once your points is high, you can use them as an option to exchange google play card.

Best Apps to Earn Google Play Card for Free 2019

These apps are all tested and confirmed real, but you might want to keep on doing quests and playing games to earn points cause getting a google play card requires a lot of points, so check these apps out as they are being shown below.

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1. AppNana – Free Gift Cards

AppNana - Free Gift Cards
AppNana - Free Gift Cards

AppNana is actually a good way to claim google play cards for free, its actually one of the top apps which gives gifts cards to users who have completed all quests and earned more points by playing online games, AppNana has paid about $10 million to users over the past few years and its still paying people every day, if you need google play card, this is one of the few ways to get it legally, just download and install on your android device, refer friends and also make sure to login on a daily basis, complete tasks as well for more points.

2. Google Opinion Rewards

Google Opinion Rewards
Google Opinion Rewards
Developer: Google LLC
Price: Free

This is arguably the best and easiest way to earn google play card right now, you will gets surveys and when you answer them correctly, you will be rewarded with google play card, this is an app made by google it self and that makes it very legit, its very easy to use this app, all you have to do is install it and some questions about your self will be asked, then after that you will be getting random questions which can come up once in a week or at any time, you just have to be active on the app. You will love this app cause it doesn’t really give stress.

3. MaoGifts

The app was not found in the store. 🙁

Moagifts is another app which can earn you gifts card literally, during the Christmas period it was one of the most used gift card earning apps cause it was paying people off for real and its still paying more users everyday, this apps runs in two different ways, you can earn coins when you play games, which is very much normal, and you can also earn cash by opening Christmas gifts, but at the moment you can only play games to acquire points. For extra points and cash, you can also refer friends to get more.

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4. JunoWallet

The app was not found in the store. 🙁

Junowallet is a free reward earning app which can be downloaded from amazon app store, this app is one of the most legit google play card earning apps out there and it has different types of tasks which needs to be completed before you can get rewards and use as an exchange for google play cards, you can earn points by answering different surveys from time to time, steady engagement with different apps also gives you a chance to earn points and even when you join mailing lists by leaving down your email address, that fetches you extra points as well.

5. FeaturePoints

FeaturePoints: Get Rewarded
FeaturePoints: Get Rewarded

Featurepoints has been around since around 2012 and that has made it one of the oldest reward earning apps to get free gift cards like google play card, there different ways in which you can earn through this app, and its accomplishment of paying over $5.6 millions dollars since it started has made it an app you can’t overlook, you can earn points by completing surveys, downloading of apps, shopping online and also referring friends to join the party, this is one of the best apps to earn google play cards for free.

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6. Money App

The last on the list is money app, still getting much positive reviews and getting large numbers of downloads everyday, this app pays for real and when you answer surveys, complete tasks or even watch videos online, you will be paid within 2-3 days after requesting for payments, you should also avoid cheating on this platform cause it will not be tolerated and you have to make everything you do look very unique and that will increase your chances of getting paid very fast, , money app at the moment is one of the top gift card reward apps you should give a try on.


These are the best apps to earn google play card for free, you will get your rewards if you don’t include cheating to get more points, just complete all tasks the right way and earn more google play cards to your pocket, hope you find this article helpful.


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