Top 10 Best Rockstar Games for Android & PC 2019


Rockstar Games, Inc has been known for it’s captivating gaming series over the recent years,  starting from the first official GTA to other games that followed aftermath, all this games are all fun to play,  but which ones tops the best games they’ve released so far, well in this article I’ll be listing out the top 10 best Rockstar games based on my review and my experience in playing some of it. This list per say will actually be for the top best Rockstar games ever made.

Rockstar Games, Inc is an American video game publisher founded in 1998 which happens to be 18yrs ago, they’re known for producing the famously known  Grand Theft Auto series and games like Max Payne, midnight club and others. After releasing the first official GTA back in 1999 they’ve captured the heart of most gamers,  then came Midnight Club, Max Payne, Manhunt and Bully.

All these games offers nothing but fun, but it’s not possible to say that the games deserve to be ranked high and not to be ranked low, but instead we look to pick out the ones that’s been trending over the years, in other words I’ll say their best release. Based on my time playing some of these Rockstar Games, I’ve decided to list out the games I feel they should be among the Rockstar hall of fame, (I call it the best Rockstar games) just an opinion though.

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Top Best Rockstar Games for Android & PC

Lets now take a look and see which games are the top hit which Rockstar ever developed. Please note that this is according to my own opinion.

1.) Grand Theft Auto: V


GTA V became a work in progress after the official release of GTA IV, though it has now been also completed and released for PC and console’s. This game speaks about 3 criminals who where placed under pressure by the government, it’s an open world game and you’re allowed to switch players. GTA V caught the attention of all gamers after setting it self to be the fast selling entertainment production In years, this game is built on hardcore graphics and requires an high end gaming platform to run it.


  • Vehicles – Gta v has the highest record of most cars in the gta series, as a player you’re entitled to all cars, jet skis, helipad, airplanes and most fascinating part you can ride on a submarine to explore the sea and also travel unseen.
  • Running Business – If you played gta iv, you won’t be new to this, now you can run different types of business and an example is the bugstar pest control company which happens to be a fumigation company.
  • Weapon Updates – Gta v has also record the highest number of guns than any gta in gta series, you can use any type of gun and also mount big guns for bloody shooting.
  • Character Customization – Now you can change clothes for each players and also update their wardrobes, you can also tryout other features like tattooing, mask wearing and also changing of facial hair.

2.) GTA San Andreas


Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas, first released back in 2004 has been the best rockstar game I’ve played so far, being an open world game, GTA SA speaks about a street gang member named Carl Johnson  who returned home after his long vacation in Lberty City, although he came back when things ain’t right in the hood.

His mum was murdered and things already gone haywire in the hood,  he hooked up with old friends in the hood and tried to re-establish the hood, but first he has to overcome certain obstacles and also clear out corrupt cops and also uncover the truth behind his mother’s death. This game gives a narration based on a true life event, it’s cool tho but there’s more to it and there are some features that’ll blow your mind.


  • Many Vehicles – There are different types of vehicles and they all serve different purposes, with over 250 vehicles in gta sa, you can ride on bicycles, helipads, air planes, boats and also sky dive with parachute.
  • Gang Wars – You can engage in gang wars when you walk into an enemy territory or killing at least 3 gang members, this will provoke a gang war and you’ll need to battle through 3 waves of nonstop shooting, if you survive all waves you’ll claim the territory and your gang members will appear immediately.
  • Car Modification – You’re opportune to modify any car from this game, you can do respray and also add nitrous oxide to boost your car speed, you can also do some upgrades like hydraulics, this let’s you lower or increase the height of your car.
  • Burglary – You can also indulge your self in this act, it’s another recommend way for CJ to earn more cash, all you need is to get a burglar van and begin your mission.

I guess that should do, if you’ve played GTA SA before you’ll have noticed the features above. GTA SA is available to all platforms.

3.) Red Dead Redemption

Red Dead Redemption

Red Dead Redemption is another masterpiece from rockstar games. It’s a game that speaks about a former outlaw whose wife and son are taken hostage by the government in ransom for his services as a hired gun. Having no other choice, Marston sets out to bring the three members of his former gang to justice. This game is an open world game, it’s a wild west game where you can perform missions on horses and foot.


  • Gunfight – The much more expected feature in red dead redemption, as a player you can take cover to avoid gunshots from enemies, you can do free aiming and also perform a blindfire, you can use different types of guns and also mount some heavy firepowers.
  • Multiplayer – You can enjoy multiplayer feature in red dead redemption, you’re allowed to battle with 16 different players per session.

4.) Max Payne 3

Max Payne 3

Max Payne 3, released in May 15, 2012 is the third production from the Max Payne series, released by Rockstar Games Inc. I can’t help but to add it to my list of top best rockstar games so far. This game speaks about Max Payne who was known to be a former detective who later became a vigilante after the murder of his wife and daughter. Nine years after he had lost his family, Max was later employed as a private security contractor in Brazil, but he later found out the Job he was offered is filled with deaths and betrayal, and as a player, you’ve to do all you can to survive.


  • Cover System – This feature was introduced on Red dead redemption and probably gta iv, this feature let’s you dodge bullets from occurring enemies and also it can provide support as a cover-up anytime you ran out of ammo or want to shoot a specific target.
  • Dual Wielding – Sometimes you need more than just one weapon to kill certain enemies, an example is using two guns at a time, this let your shooting power increase and also kill your enemies fast.
  • Multiplayer – During my time playing this game,  the multiplayer feature is what I enjoyed most, in Max payne multiplayer mode,  it’s either you engage in cooperation or competitive gameplay consisting of 16 players,  only 5 players can be crowned champion and also given a score boost to rank in the leader board.

5.) Bully

Bully | Best Rockstar Games

Bully is another epic open world action game that speaks about a 15yrs old school boy named Jimmy Hopkins, he’s labeled to a difficult student, he attended ‘bullworth academy’ a school filled with cheats and bullies, but he later dropped out and started roaming the school areas. Your mission as a player is to make sure you eradicate all bullies in bullworth academy, it’s not an easy task though but you’ll be provided with melee weapons to fight for justice, this game is very addictive and there’s much to learn about bullies and miscreants. You’ll enjoy playing it.

6.) GTA Vice City

GTA Vice City

GTA Vice City happens to be one of the toughest GTA games I’ve ever played, lol maybe it’s because I was new to gaming then, but there’s much fun in it as it tells the story of Tommy Vercetti, who was a former member of the ferolli family, he was released from prison after spending 15 years sentencing, he came back to Vice City to uncover the truth behind his recent ambush, along the way he worked with Ricardo Diaz and Lance Vance in recovering cash and indulging in gang wars.

There’s much to enjoy in this game because it’s filled with captivating episodes, non stop actions, you can ride on different classes of vehicles, ride on boats and and helicopters, but there’s no swimming ability for Tommy Vercetti, this actually sucks because you’ve to avoid water, but that doesn’t kill the fun in it. GTA Vice City is a fantastic masterpiece and deserves to be ranked as one of the top best Rockstar Games. If you’ve played GTA Vice City, you’ll know much about this game.

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7.) Grand Theft Auto: III


GTA III is an action packed open world game and also among the Grand Theft Auto series, this game speaks about a criminal who was betrayed by his girlfriend, the first episode of this game shows how a bank robbery took place and how Claude was shot and rushed to an hospital, although he served a 10 years jail term but was later freed after a vehicle transporting criminals was ambushed.

He got to a safe house and started a new adventure, in this adventure, you as a player, you’ve been betrayed and left to die in a no man’s land, you’re tasked to take revenge and do all you can to survive. Sounds interesting though, But it’s annoying here because this game lacks some key features like swimming ability and also motorbikes, but you can still enjoy your gameplay.

8.) The Warriors

The Warriors

The Warriors, first released on October 17, 2005. This is a beat em up game, it’s a game of rival gangs, it’s an interesting game and am very sure you’ll want to have a glimpse of it, it has some cool features in it. You’ll surely want to play this game.


  • Breaking and Entering – As a player, this can be your potential way of making money, you can break into stores, bug into houses or even picking locks, picking locks will take 3 attempts before the lock you’re picking opens up.
  • Hiding Areas – Players can use this as an hiding place to avoid enemies and cops, and also, while hiding, players can take advantage of this hiding areas by killing an enemy undetected, weapons like bottles and Molotov’s are best used for this because they can aim manually.
  • Tagging Sprays – While in enemy territory, player can drop tags by spraying the enemies territory.
  • Stealing Car Radios – Here’s another way to make money, some car radios are always visible and this gives the player a chance to unscrew them,  once the four bolts has been removed, players will get paid instantly.

9.) Midnight Club 3: Dub Edition

Midnight Club 3 Dub Edition

Midnight Club 3: Dub Edition is the third installment of the midnight club series. It’s a racing game where players can race in an open world. I remember when I first played this game, looked boring to me though, that’s because I never discovered some of the features it had to offer. There’s an online multiplayer mode where you can race against different opponents across the globe, there’s another advantage of playing online. In online mode you can do group chatting with friends and also learn few things from them, it’s a very nice game and if you haven’t played it before, I guess you should try playing it.

10.) Manhunt

Manhunt | Best Rockstar Games

Manhunt is an action packed stealth horror based game, released in Nov 18, 2003, this game received a lot of criticism from people and it was rejected in some countries because of the level of graphical violence in the game, but with all the criticism and controversial incidents in it, it still stood out to be one of the best games that’s being produced by Rockstar Games. This game won several awards and also sold over a million copies, it’s a scary game actually, it has high adult theme which is why it’s advisable not to play this game in front of kids.

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Wrapping Up

As a gamer and a fan of Rockstar Games, I’ve listed the top best Rockstar Games which I enjoyed playing. I believe all these games are dope, fun all through, captivating episodes, action packed and stealth performances, you’ll find them in these games. I hope you liked the article, please don’t forget to share and also give your own opinion on which of the Rockstar Games you like. Don’t let the comment box stay empty…


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