Best Torrent Search Engine Sites to Find Any Torrents

Best Torrent Search Engine

Sometimes navigating through the web for a particular torrent file or checking torrent sites can be stressful in most cases and with the rise number of torrents sites shutting down due to violation reasons, everything now has more scrutiny in terms of getting good torrent files. Well today’s article is all about the best torrent search engine sites to find any torrents, i.e rather than going through different torrent sites, these torrent search engines will help you reduce stress and you can easily get what you want very fast.

Best Torrent Search Engine Sites to Find Any Torrents

These sites acts like search engines like google and others, but they can only give you torrent related search queries, but using them will make it very easy for you to get a particular torrent file you want, and this is a mode for reducing stress and also getting the best files.

1.  is one of the few best working torrent search engine, i personally love this torrent search engine cause it has a very nice design and its very easy for a visitor to navigate through the site. Once you visit the site, all you need to do is just search for what  you want to download through torrent, wait while it search’s through and you will see results with top torrent sites appearing first, and sometimes you can download them directly cause host files too. This site is very active at the moment and you will get any search result you want very fast. Its one of the best torrent search engine out there.

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2. XtorX

XtorX is sometimes considered a complete search engine cause unlike most torrent search engines, it offers a completely different experience on its own and that has given it a top spot among some of the best torrent search engine, this site can only provide you with your search results but won’t give you a torrent file, you’ll have to download your files from the links shown in the search results. This site is very easy to use, but sometimes you need to connect to a vpn for safety precautions.

3. TorrentSeeker

Well if you like top results from from top torrent sites, then torrentseeker should be one of the few torrent search engine site you should consider, this site will provide search results from top torrent sites and its probably the best sites you will see in the result, this site is good for a torrent search engine but sucks with showing of ads most times, you can use some script blocker in your browser extension to block the ads from displaying, but overall its a very good torrent search engine site.

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4. Torrentz2

Torrentz2 is a cloned version of torrentz site, and despite being a cloned version site, it still cover large torrent resources and some times its considered to be a very large torrent search engine site, when you visit this site and see its homepage, you will see some of the hottest torrent downloads from weeks, months till years. Torrentz2 links to different numbers of torrent sites and that makes it very easy to get a searched keyword and can be downloaded easily, its one of the best torrent search engine sites out there.

5. Veoble

Veoble boasts as one of the good torrent search engine out there and using this torrent search engine for getting torrent files, its very much easy cause it will get the best results for you and with that you can easily get your torrent files without hassles, basically this site is very much new, but being new makes it very much attracted to people and if you’re looking for a good torrent search engine, then you should visit this one cause its delivering positives to its visitors.

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6. YTS

If you only visit torrent sites just to download anything video related like movies, tv shows or documentaries, then you should always bookmark YTS cause its the perfect torrent search engine that’ll help you get movies very fast, it only deals in getting results for any torrent searches related to movies, tv shows or any other video related keywords, its one of the best torrent search engines out there, so visit this site for your movie searches.


These are the best torrent search engines out there for getting direct links to any torrent files you want, these sites are very much active at the moment, but we all know the issues surrounding torrent sites at the moment, so they may change url or go offline unannounced, but do make sure to check this exact page for updates regarding these torrent sites.


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