8 Best Torrent Sites in 2019 (Speedy Downloads)

Best Torrent Sites

Are you a regular torrent user, looking for working torrent sites to download your favourite files? Well then, here in this article, we’ve compiled a list of the best torrent sites which are currently working and can get your files downloaded speedily. Torrent sites are one of the most visited sites in the world, as one can download big files or anything ranging from videos, music, games and a lot more. Torrent sites also helps one to share big files from one computer to another, and this is known as ‘Seeding’. Torrent sites are convenient and makes files easy to find and download.

We all know that looking for working torrent sites can be strenuous as they’re sort of illegal and are always on the run from the government. This is why some of them do get shut down just like Kickass Torrent which was one of the best torrent sites, and others are always in the habit of changing their domain names so that their users can always access their sites to download torrent files. Now, as more torrent sites gets shut down, new one’s always come into play to make sure torrent users never lack. Here, you’re gonna get a compiled list of working torrent sites for your downloads.

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Disclaimer: Please do note that this article is written for only educational purposes, and should not be used for any illegal activity, as torrenting is illegal in most countries. NetJiffy shall not be responsible for any consequences.

Best Torrent Sites in 2019

Some of the listed torrent sites here, may not be accessible for you depending on your location, or may be shut down for you, or your country might be faced with a top level ISP ban, so you’re advised to always use a Virtual Private Network (VPN) when accessing these torrent sites. Now, let’s see the best torrent sites!

1. The Pirate Bay

The Pirate Bay

It would be a great mistake if The Pirate Bay is not added on this list, as it’s one of the oldest and best torrenting sites which hosts thousands, if not millions of torrent files for downloads, be it videos, music, games and others. The Pirate Bay which was founded in 2003, is currently the best torrent site. It offers peer-to-peer sharing of torrent files among users.

You can find any type of file on the pirate bay, though some are virus filled files. Talking of speed, the pirate bay offers it’s users an amazing download speed for its torrent files which is all thanks to it’s seed peer ratios. As the pirate bay is well known, it has been blocked in most regions and locations across the world, which makes it quite inaccessible without a VPN. The Pirate Bay is free to use, all that’s required of you is just to register with your e-mail address.


RARBG | Best Torrent Sites

RARBG which was founded in 2008, is a torrent tracker site, popularly known for its quality music and video torrent files. This website do offer torrent files and magnet links to facilitate good and easy peer-to-peer sharing among it’s users. All the hosted files on this site are of very good quality and gives one a feeling of satisfaction. For convenience, RARBG offers a clean user interface which would make it quite easy for it’s users to navigate the site.

RARGB has made it possible for users to know what they want to download before downloading it, as most of it movies and TV shows, comes with preview links and thumbnails. The website do gather around 400K visitors daily, and also offers a good download speed limit. We can’t ignore the fact that RARBG is also one of those sites that has been blocked in most countries and can only be accessed via a VPN.

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3. 1337X


As an old website, 1337X still comes up as one of the best torrent sites. It’s just like a community where torrenters, do share and upload new torrent files for other users to download. In most cases, files uploaded on 1337X can hardly been found on other torrenting sites, which is why it has gathered a lof of fans from all over the world. Though, users mostly use this sites to download video torrent files.

At one time, 1337X was banned by Google Search queries, and couldn’t show up when searched on Google. They also had some security issues, of which the admins and moderators showed their concerns about. 1337X gets most of it’s visitors from UK, as it’s the most popular and used torrent site in the United Kingdom. This site has made a remarkable progress and improvement and also recently rolled out a new design for good navigation for it’s users. 1337X also offers a good download speed for torrent files.

4. LimeTorrents


Hosting a huge database of files, LimeTorrents can be said to be one of the best torrents sites of 2019, and can also be used as an alternative to Kickass Torrents, and other great torrent sites that has been shut down. LimeTorrents has got a large collection of verified torrent files ranging from movies, applications, games, music and anything download-able.

The site is safe for children to use. You can hardly see and download a file which is virus-infected in LimeTorrents. This website has truly got a big fan following, and also grown in popularity. The only downside of LimeTorrents is that some of it’s old torrent file would seem quite frustrating to download as they ain’t got a good seed per ratio. Aside that, you’ll truly enjoy an amazing speed when downloading torrent files from LimeTorrents.

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5. Zooqle

Zooqle | Best Torrent Sites

Although newly introduced to the torrenting world, Zooqle has nevertheless, made a name for itself. Zooqle hosts a maximum of around 3 million verified torrent files from categories such as; movies, games music, and others. Zooqle offers a good user interface, and users don’t get to be disturbed by pop-ups and advertisements as the site got none.

Though one can actually find any type of torrent file on Zooqle, the drawback here is that, it’s downloads are frustratingly slow. The website is free to use and all that is required of you is just to sign up and register using details such as you email address, username and your password. Doing this let’s you access the contents of this site for free downloads.

6. Torrentz2


This name might sound familiar to you. Well, if it does, then you should know that Torrentz2 is the current successor to the Torrentz.eu site which was shut down years ago. The Torrentz2 provides it’s users with more contents ever since it’s predecessor got taken down. Though it doesn’t house torrent files of it’s own, it still manages to gather a huge load of torrent files from other torrent sites to offer it’s users.

Torrentz2 covers all categories of download-able torrent files, be it music, games, movies and others. Surprisingly, for a site which doesn’t hosts files of it’s own, Torrentz2 has an impressive clean record of virus-free files and boast of good peer ratios, such that the files indexed on this site has an amazing download speed. Users would surely get satisfied when using this torrent website for downloads.



If you’re one who likes TV shows, then EZTV is the place to get them, as this website offers only TV shows torrent files. EZTV torrent site has a good user interface though it’s looks much outdated. The site host’s it’s own torrent files, but due to it’s stained history, other torrent sites has banned EZTV new releases from their sites.

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If you want speed, then EZTV is for you, as they got an awesome download speed for their torrent files. Though the files hosted on EZTV hardly contain any viruses, they’ve been blocked by many countries and can only be accessed through a VPN. However, EZTV torrent site still offer it’s users an amazing database of old and new TV shows which would keep one extremely entertained.

8. Torlock

Torlock | Best Torrent Sites

Torlock is another torrent site which offers it’s users with only verified and legitimate torrent files. Though it’s a new website, it has managed to grown in popularity and gathered a huge fan following. Torlock offers torrent files on categories such as; music, games, TV shows, softwares and others. The user interface is quite impressive as makes sure users don’t find it hard to navigate.

Torlock is one of the safest and best torrent sites one can use as it files are virus free. The only problem here is that, the adverts on this site might annoy it’s users. You wouldn’t find it hard to explore contents on this amazing site. Torlock host’s over 4 million download-able torrent files on it’s database which would satisfy the torrenters. Sign up for free on this website and get to enjoy it’s awesome features.

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Torrenting gives one an amazing experience if you got the best websites to offer you what torrent file you’re looking for. You can use any site from the list above to download torrent files, as they’re the best torrent sites one could use and get a good satisfaction. Nevertheless, do not forget to use a VPN when accessing these sites as some may not be available for you in your country. If I’ve helped you with this article, do not forget to also share to others as they might also benefit from it.


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