Top 8 Best Video Editor Apps for Android in 2019

Best Video Editor Apps

Looking for the best video editors for android devices? Well you are in the right spot cause this article will give you insights on some of the best video editor apps which you can use mostly when you are new to vlogging or video editing and you can’t afford to pay for expensive video editing software’s like adobe, filmora and many more.

Video editing is done notably  on pc, cause it sometimes makes things more easier and in terms of testing work done so far and also doing multiple work, people do like to edit videos on pc. But the case is sometimes different for new youtubers or video makers who want to edit videos, while some can afford to pay huge fee for expensive video editing software’s for their windows or mac pc, some cant afford much and they look forward to editing on their mobile device, mostly android user.

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We have picked out some of the best video editing apps on android, you can use them to edit your videos the way you want, you will come across tons of features from these video editor apps on android, so check them out below.

Best Video Editor Apps for Android in 2019

Some of these apps are free, some offers in-app purchases and some are meant to be paid for prior to downloading, but they offer any effects, tools you will need when editing a video through them.

1. Quik – Free Video Editor

While digging through, quik was the first video editor app i stumbled upon, and after doing some background checks on it from app stores and youtube reviews, i then conclude this app is one of the best video editor app for android users, you can easily transform a video from looking wacky to looking awesome with this app.

Its a free video editing app and not quite sure about it needing in-app purchase, well that was not included in its description, it has some effects which are mostly paid for on other video editing app, but you can get it free here and use it to edit any video you want, quik is one of the best video editing app out there for android device.

2. KineMaster – Pro Video Editor

Arguable one of the best and if not the best video editing app on android, well kinemaster video editing app is a reason why you should never worry about not being able to afford an expensive video editor software, this app offers a lot of features, and while it has some things you can pay for, you can still enjoy some free features and tools from kinemaster pro video editor.

With kinemaster, you can easily tweak your videos and also use of the most used options like video trimming, audio precise controls, cutting, you can also get access to music tracks which you can apply to your edited videos, there more features like stickers, fonts and so on to use on this video editing app, its one of the best for android users.

3. Adobe Premiere Clip

Adobe products are something very rare to find on mobile platforms years back, and while they boast as the best and leading video editing & photo editing software developer, there is no doubt about that, and while some some won’t admit, some will acknowledge. Adobe premiere clip is one of those free video editor app which you can use to edit videos on your android device.

When using adobe premiere clip, you can perform wonders to any video you are editing, with tons of mouthwatering tools and effects provided for free, you will love using this app most times, you can also edit pictures on it too, and everything can be done for free, this is one of the few video editing apps on android where you can use any tools and effects for free.

Adobe Premiere Clip
Adobe Premiere Clip
Developer: Adobe
Price: Free

4. PowerDirector – Video Editor App

Nothing beats being perfect, and talking about one of the best video editing apps with perfection, then you should run towards powerdirector video editor app for android devices, perhaps we can keep the in-app purchase option aside and talk about what this video editor offers, well it offers a lot and sometimes an edited video from this app sometimes looks like it was edited on pc with a premium video editing software.

Slow motion effects, background editing and other unmentioned features on this video editor app, editing has being made easy though, cause you can edit your videos with ease and all you need to edit videos are presented one you choose the video you want to edit, this is one of the video editing apps out there on android device, so try this out.

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5. FilmoraGo – Free Video Editor

Filmora should not sound new to most vloggers, but filmoraGo should perhaps sound new to most vloggers (notably the new vloggers) folmoraGo is a top notch video editor app for android users, and this app offers a lot of features in free and paid, to unlock all features, you surely need to buy them in the app, but overall examining of this app proofs its a good video editing app.

The good news about this app is that, it doesn’t add watermarks to your videos and it doesn’t set limits to videos you want to edit. You can edit videos and also use music effects on them, there are tons of effects and cool tools that will give your videos the best quality once you are done with editing, filmoraGo is one of the best video editing app for android device

6. VivaVideo: Free Video Editor

Vivavideo is a very popular video editor app for android device users, you can easily create professional videos through this app and it has all the tools and effects to make a quality video, i mostly use this app for creating image slideshows and also add music to the background, every effects on this video editing app are quite lovely and they will transform any video in to beauty.

You can use vivavideo for free, but some features on it are paid for, they are affordable too and sometimes one needs to pay to get the best, vivavideo editor app will also let you create video collages just like we do to images, this app offers a lot and that is why its one of the best video editor app for android.

7. InShot – Video Editor & Video Maker

You must have being seeing videos with inshot watermarks, yes its one of the top trending video editor and video maker app for android devices, well i love this app because it makes making meme video much easier, it has all the tools and effects you need to create a video or edit a video, with good reviews and rating from android users, this app surely can’t be found missing on the list of best video editor app on android.

Editing is made easy on inshot, you can make a video and share them directly to your social media accounts, this is one of the few video editing app on android which offers professional features on videos, you can also pay to unlock some features too, but the free version is good too.

8. YouCut – Video Editor & Video Maker

The last on our list of best video editor apps for android, Youcut is an awesome video editor and video maker app for android device, developed by inshot inc, this app is the best video editor for social media videos, its trimming feature is superb and you can trim your videos to how you want it to be on social media.

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It offers a lot of features too and the effects and tools on it will make any video look awesome, its one of the best video editor app one should never underestimate, it offer in-app purchase for some paid effects though, but its worth cashing out on.


These are the best video editor apps for android, if you are new to vlogging or video editing, then you can check these apps out and download for free, at the  moment they all have good reviews and their users keeps rising daily, don’t miss out on any of them.


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