Best WhatsApp Stickers Apps for Android in 2019

Best WhatsApp Stickers Apps

WhatsApp Stickers is a new trend which is now widely used on WhatsApp App just like the emojis to brighten up chats. This feature was launched last year and most people are now addicted to using these stickers to sweeten up their chats. Stickers are much used now than words. If you feel writing words is stress, stickers can as well do the work for you in an easier dimension. So here, you’ll be provided with the best whatsapp stickers apps for Android in 2019.

Stickers are in a way just like an emoji, but they’re much more unique. They are just like pictures that can explain one’s feeling, expression, or emotion  in a more better way. If you’d want to get the best stickers apps for your whatsapp application, then this article is written for you. Though, all stickers apps won’t give you all the sticker you might be needing, that’s why you’d need to download the best out of them. Nevertheless, WhatsApp stickers apps would surely brighten up your chats, both privately and publicly in a group.

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Best WhatsApp Stickers Apps for Android in 2019

Now, we will list the best whatsapp stickers apps which you can install on your Android smartphone to use their amazing stickers on your WhatsApp app.

1. WhatsApp Stickers – Stickers for WhatsApp

Stickers for new WAStickerApps
Stickers for new WAStickerApps
Developer: Talimedia
Price: Free

Honestly, this is the best application with which you can share and create stickers packs with your WhatsApp friends. It offers you assorted stickers packs so you can choose the one you like best. Stickers range from video games, anime, memes, USA, Christmas, pepe, pets, animals, celebrities, TV series, emojis and much more. Here you will find the funniest stickers for your WhatsApp app. The application get it’s Stickers from Internet, so it is very possible that you will find some new ones every time you enter it!

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2. Emoji WAStickers

Emoji WAStickers
Emoji WAStickers
Developer: Valency Tech.
Price: Free

Express yourself more with Sticker sized Emojis. Dominate your WhatsApp Groups with Emoji Stickers. Use your favorite emojis as WhatsApp Stickers with your friends. The app has carefully picked only the most commonly used emojis to enhance your conversation. Now you can share expressive emojis on WhatsApp within one click. The application contains a set of light-weight emoji stickers which are high on emotions but low on your bandwidth.

3. Meme Stickers for WhatsApp

Meme Stickers for WhatsApp
Meme Stickers for WhatsApp
Developer: GlowApps
Price: Free+

Send Memes as WhatsApp stickers for chatting. This is one of the best whatsapp stickers apps for Android. The app includes more than 600 new stickers: Pepe the Frog, Dank Memes, Celebrities and Youtubers, Rage Memes, Twitch Reactions, Emojis, Llamas… And now with special Christmas sticker packs! You can download your favorite pack from the application and send stickers to your friends easily via WhatsApp. The app has got lots of funny memes, photos and reactions which are available for free.

4. Love Stickers 2019

The app was not found in the store. 🙁

Love Stickers 2019 is the most beautiful app to express the best and the most beautiful love emotions, heart emoticons in between two love hearts. Stay happy in distance relationship by using these most romantic emoji collections of love chat stickers and cool stickers. Whenever your love partner is not with you, let them feel special every single moment by sending these heart stickers and flirty stickers. Give your romance a special feeling by using romantic stickers and flirty stickers. These stickers will help you to feel loved in best way possible.

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5. PUBG Stickers

The app was not found in the store. 🙁

If you’re a player of the popular action survival game, PlayerUnknown’s Battleground, then you should be excited to know that it’s also got a dedicated stickers pack for WhatsApp. You can get amazing stickers ranging from: Assault rifles, Shotguns, Snipers, Submachine guns, Light machine guns, Pistols, Crossbows, Throwables, Melee weapon, Attachments, Vehicles, Characters, Equipments and much more. You would surely enjoy using this PUBG Stickers App.

6. Anime Stickers for WhatsApp

The app was not found in the store. 🙁

Anime stickers for WhatsApp app includes lot of anime stickers from lot of series! To add a stickers pack just open the app, press on the plus button and from there you can add any anime pack you like! You can get all types of anime from this app for your personal usage. This app will be most useful and understandable to those who watch anime’s frequently. You should make sure not to uninstall the app from your Android phone or you will surely lose all the stickers packs which you’ve downloaded from the application.

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7. Stickify

The Stickify Sticker Store for WhatsApp hosts the best collection of WhatsApp stickers. Download this app and get all stickers for your WhatsApp application. With this app, you can also create your own stickers for WhatsApp with Stickify Sticker Maker app. You can also share sticker packs with your friends directly. To use this app all you got to do is open Stickify and click on any WhatsApp stickers for chat. You can also search for any WhatsApp sticker with this application.

8. StickoText WAStickers

StickoText acts as a third Party WAStickerApps to support adding stickers to WhatsApp. With this app, you can create any sticker from whatever you can think of using text, images (from camera/gallery), emoticons (emoji), Memes (Funny Faces) etc. &  share through any of your favorite social networking chat application. Create Free Hand Stickers using pencil tool and write anything in your own language and convert it into stickers. Create unlimited text stickers by typing in your own language with different colors and fonts.

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9. Movie and Comics Stickers

This app is the very best of MARVEL, DC, TV Series and Heroes Stickers for your WhatsApp application . The app offers you the prime collection of stickers for WhatsApp with the characters from your favorite Movies, Comics and TV Shows. You can use Marvel and DC Comics characters, such as Spider-Man, Ironman, Dead-pool, Captain America and much more others as stickers for your whatsapp application. There loads of other movie characters you may not even know of in this app.

10. Halloween Stickers

Just as the name suggests, this app has got a lot of scary halloween stickers. You can use this stickers to scare your friends on WhatsApp. That’s not all, this app has got all halloween holiday celebration kits, tools, and wears. It is surely one of the best whatsapp stickers apps for Android which you should nonetheless, get installed on your Android phone. The app gets regularly updated with more stickers as per the request of users. You’ll enjoy using this halloween packed stickers app.


I’ve shown you the best whatsapp stickers apps for Android and also their functions. These apps provides you with amazing stickers to use on WhatsApp. You can download each of them from google play store and use to your satisfaction. If I’ve helped you in anyway and saved you the stress of searching for good whatsapp stickers apps, you can help us by sharing this article to your friends as it may be of great benefit to them.


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