CLEO SA APK (No Root) for GTA SA Free Download


CLEO SA APK is an application that let’s you use GTA San Andreas’s cheat codes and mods on its Android version. However, you need a rooted device otherwise the app won’t work. But nevertheless we’ve deemed it fit to provide the CLEO SA APK No Root which can also work for non-rooted and also rooted Android smartphone users. If your smartphone ain’t rooted, then you’d need to download the mod version of GTA SA APK to use the CLEO SA application.

Once inside the GTA SA game, you can activate CLEO SA’s menu by tapping your device’s button for a couple of seconds or sliding downwards from the upper part of the screen or by sliding upwards. After doing this, a very intuitive menu will appear where you have to decide which cheat code you want to activate. You can get all the guns, create vehicles, get a jetpack, etc. Basically, you can do whatever you want.

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CLEO SA is very interesting app for any GTA San Andreas player, since it can help you to make the most out of your game. But then again, you might miss part of the fun if you start using cheat codes too often. But mods will certainly make you feel like a pro player and you can enjoy much more fun in the game. Moreover, there are some levels which if you don’t cheat, it would be hard for you to get through it.

CLEO SA Cheats

CLEO SA APK No Root Features

† Cheat Scripts – The Cheat Scripts provided by this CLEO SA APK will bring you many mods and cheats which would surely help you and enable you to whatever you wish in your GTA San Andreas Android game. They are easy to install, you just tap on them and they install in your GTA SA game, and then you would be able to access and use them.

† Mods for GTA SA – The CLEO SA Android application provides a lot of mods for the GTA San Andreas Android game. These mods includes; increased character abilities, adds more custom cars, lots of guns and other ammunitions, player life not decreasing, boost speed for vehicles, e.t.c. You can get a lot from game with these awesome mods.

† Enhance Gameplay for GTA SA – The CLEO APK No Root will make sure your GTA San Andreas gameplay is interesting and highly addictive. You would be able to do a lot of things which you couldn’t do in the original GTA SA Android application. Surely you would get addicted to the game and wouldn’t want to stop playing as the gameplay just got more realistic.


App Name CLEO SA
Version 1.1.2
Updated December 23, 2016.
Required OS Android 4.0+
File Size 494KB

Download CLEO SA APK No Root for Android

The link to download the CLEO SA Android application has been provided below for you to download the APK. It’s a Google drive link and it is virus-free, so it wouldn’t give your Android device any malware attack. You just download and it would immediately prompt you to install or you can go to your GDrive APK and install from there.


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How to Install CLEO SA APK on Android

  • If you’d want to install the CLEO SA Application on your Android device without facing issues, then you should follow the below instructions carefully.
  • First of all you should enable the Unknown Sources on your Android phone. You can do that by going to your phone’s settings, scroll to ‘Security’ and tap on it.
  • Now, you should scroll down a little below and tick on the ‘Unknown Sources’ if it wasn’t clicked ON before. After doing this, you should go to your Google Drive application.


  • Just as you see in the image above, click on the file APK file you see there which you must have downloaded. Then it would prompt you to install on your Android device, then click on Install.
  • This is how you can install the CLEO SA Application on your Android smartphone so you wouldn’t encounter any problems when using it.
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Using cheats on your GTA San Andreas Android game would give you an awesome pro player feeling. But this you must achieve with the CLEO SA APK No Root Android application which would enhance your gaming it would provide you with unlimited mods and cheat that will enable you to do almost anything on your game. Download and enjoy using now.


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