Best COC Private Servers for Android 2019

best coc private servers

When we talk about one of the best strategy games on mobile phones, no doubt about the fact that clash of clans comes out on top most times, well its a strategy game that beats all. This article is about COC private servers.

This game is fun and yes its always filled with intensity when your village gets attacked by other players, and losing resources and building from scratch again might seem very stressful. That is why you should check out the best coc private servers for android.

We all know clash of clans can’t be hacked with game hackers like lucky patcher, game guardian and co, which is why people like to use private servers for more unlimited gems, resources and other items to help build a village very fast in coc.

Best COC Private Servers for Android

With the help of these private servers, you will have access to many resources and also get more gems to help build your village very fast, you can check these private servers below.

1. Clash of Magic

best coc private servers

This is arguably the best and one of the most popular coc private server, clash of magic being a private server, still has about 4 private server on its own and they go as follows, Server 1, Server 2, Server 3 and Server 4(S1, S2, S3, S4) with different features.

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Clash of magic does brings a plus to the original clash of clan game cause they can both be installed together, and this will assist in giving you the best possible strategies when you play the main game.

It also features some of the custom modified characters and buildings, this coc server will help you get your base built to the strongest level within few minutes of building.

Features of Clash of Magic

  • Unlimited Resources(Elixir, Gold, Gems and dark elixir etc.)
  • Zero Building time.
  • All Goblin Maps Unlocked.
  • Unlimited Air Sweepers.
  • Custom Modifications.
  • Modified Characters.
  • Secure Servers.

Just as i’ve said earlier that clash of magic server has additional four private servers on its own, and these servers do get updated once there is a new update to the normal clash of clan servers get updated, the servers are listed below.

Server 1 (The Black Magic) – This server  is one of those with high mods and supports unlimited resources, comes with custom heroes, buildings  and its mostly for players who wants more modifications to their game play.


Server 2 (The Hall of Magic.) – If you need less modifications to your game, then server 2 is mostly recommended in most cases, it also has unlimited resources as well, so you can still enjoy it too.


Server 3 (The Power of Magic.) – This offers not too much modification like the other servers listed above, but this server will give you a whooping 10,000 gold, some elixirs and dark elixirs.


Server 4 (The Power of Magic 2) – This server offers nothing actually, but players who plays on this server are likely to get the original experience which the clash of clan game offers.

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List of Custom Heroes Available in Clash of Magic
  1. Giant Skelton King.
  2. Bowler King.
  3. Bat Queen.
  4. Giant Skelton.
  5. Lava King.
  6. Witch Queen.
  7. Hog King.
  8. Lava King.
  9. Wich Queen.
  10. Mini Sparky.
  11. Pumpkin King.
  12. Dragon king.
  13. PEKKA Queen.

2. Clash of Light

best coc private servers

Clash of Light is somehow on par with clash of magic server, but perhaps couldn’t offer more cause it doesn’t get much updates like clash of magic, but overall its also a good server as well, it features aren’t much different from normal servers and private.

Clash of Light also comes with four servers, but there’s nothing special about them and the only preferred server is the S4 server cause its very well optimized and offers speed amongst other servers.

The features are listed below, you can check them and also the download links are provided below as well, just a single click on the download icon, and the game will download on your device.

Features of Clash of Light

  • Fast and secure servers.
  • Gold : 1,000,000,000
  • Elixir : 1,000,000,000
  • Dark Elixir :1,000,000,000
  • Gems : 1,000,000,000
  • Create your own Army.
  • Zero Building Time.

Click here to download the APK file, Make sure you uninstall the normal coc app, and also once you install this mod version, you’ll need to have a strong internet connection cause it takes time to load, you might want to be patient as well.

3. FHX Server

best coc private servers

Well this is a very old coc private server from way back, it holds most of the extreme modifications in coc and even at times people gets to tweak this server to how they want it to be, which makes it sometimes very difficult to get the best fhx server for coc.

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This server also has some features on its own and also it comes with three different server types, everything and both download links will be provided below.

Features of FHX Server

  • Secure and Fast Server
  • Modification to the original Charactres.
  • Unlimited Resources (i.e. Gold, Elixir, and Gems.)
  • You can carry unlimited troops while attacking.
  • Custom Building.
  • Zero built time.
  • Available for both android and ios.
  • Can be installed on Windows PC using Blustack.
  • Works without Root.

FHX Server A – This server only offers unlimited resources and you shouldn’t expect any modifications from it, for building a good attack and defense, you should use this server cause of the unlimited resources it provides.


FHX Server B – This server doesn’t offer anything much though, but its provides modified characters of custom buildings which will give you some piece of enjoyment when attacking enemies.


FHX Server X – A very good clash of clan private server based on fhx, this server will allow you create customized characters and also modified ones and you can also enjoy many resources on it as well.



These are so far the best private servers for clash of clans, these servers will let you enjoy unlimited resources like never before, and you can even start a new village today and build it to the strongest level within minutes of playing, coc is fun to play, so enjoy every moment of it.


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