GBWhatsApp APK 6.85 Download Latest Version for Android


GBWhatsApp APK is one of the best among mod WhatsApp. Here, you get the current update which you can download and enjoy. As we all know that WhatsApp Messenger has now become a part of our daily routine. Of course, most people uses WhatsApp in their everyday life more than any other social media messaging network or application, which is due to it’s intriguing features, thereby making us addicted.

Well today we’ll be talking about GBWhatsApp Apk which is a modified apk of WhatsApp designed by GBmods. GBWhatsApp apk allows users to use dual WhatsApp on a single Android device. What I mean here, is that you can use both the official WhatsApp application and GBWhatsApp application on same android device. GBWhatsApp offers you lots of amazing features which enables you to customize it, thereby making it more intriguing and easy to use.

GBmods has come up with another intriguing update of their developed Mod WhatsApp application, which is the GBWhatsApp APK 6.85. It comes with more added features than the previous version 6.70.

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Some few reasons why GBWhatsApp Mod app is much more better than the official WhatsApp app are listed below:

  • It allows you to revoke already sent messages (both private chats and group chats).
  • Enables you to design your framework (theme) to your taste.
  • Allows you to perform a manual customization to your chats.
  • Allows you to hide your last seen, chats, and also hide the blue tick which shows that you have read someone’s messages. Meanwhile, check out this tool which allows you view sent social media messages without the sender knowing you have read his or her messages.
  • New features are been introduced in their updates.

Info (What is GBWhatsApp APK?)

GBWhatsApp is a Mod WhatsApp Apk which gives you awesome features which are unique. On a close observation one would see that this app gives nice and amazing features on it’s every update. In other words, this app is a mod version of the original/official WhatsApp Apk. It enhances the features that WhatsApp already has and at the same time provides new ones.

That be the reason why most people are always anxiously waiting for the latest version for GBWhatsApp Apk so they could explore the updated features added to it. The UI is pretty the same as the official version, but the theming section will ultimately change your using style. The app is just so awesome you would like want to use the original version of WhatsApp.

Tons of themes are developing for this GB WhatsApp to change the look and feel of the WhatsApp usage.  Actually, most of the themes are developed by its users. However, this app is a secure way for a WhatsApp user to get his/her hands on the best and latest features . These features make using WhatsApp a much a more beautiful experience.

GBWA APK Features

Below are some features which are available to use for free. There are no restrictions to enable each option on this GBWA. Completely free to use. Read all features to know exactly what it is and what is for.


GBWhatsApp Privacy

GB WhatsApp comes with the great privacy options which are not available in the official one. In my opinion, they may introduce this kind of features in the official in the future also. From this feature, you can able to hide below list for groups and contacts, and these are essential for many of the users.

  • Hide Online Status
  • Hide Blue Ticks
  • Hide Second Tick
  • Hide Writing Status
  • Hide Recording
  • Hide Blue Microphone
  • Hide View Status

And Finally Anti Revoke – This lets you See the messages which have been deleted by a sender. Interesting? Yes, of course, one of the best privacy option to view a deleted message. No more secrets.

Goto Menu >> Privacy >> Select which of the options you want to hide.


GBWhatsApp Themes

Everybody loves themes right? Yes, GB WhatsApp comes with the tons of themes. Even you can also make the theme and send it to the developer. It will be uploaded to the themes server. Don’t expect money or anything else from the developer for the contribution.

All you need do is, download GBThemes Apk from the GBWA and install it to open the GBThemes Section. Now, You can able to select the theme which you want from the directory.

Goto Menu >> GB Settings >> Download Themes.


GBWhatsApp Customization

Theming is enough for giving a new look to the GBWhatsapp, but do we really need customization? I think yes. It will help us to customise each part of the app. So, we can able to get the desired look. Below is the list of what you can able to do with this feature.

  • Conversion Screen
  • Main/Chats Screen
  • Popup Notification
  • Widgets
  • Launcher Icon
  • Ticks Style
  • Notifybar Icon
  • Dark Theme for Settings

Goto Menu >> GB Settings >> Appearance.

Auto Reply Messages

GBWA Auto Reply Messages

One of the beneficial features is that you can easily send an automated reply to any contact. All you need to do is, set the Desired message text in the Auto Reply Field.

It will automatically send the text to someone who tried to contact you. Even you can able to use this feature in official WhatsApp with third party Apps (mostly available in playstore), but in this app, it has pre-built.

Goto Menu >> GB Settings >> Auto Reply Message >> Plus Button >> Toggle Button.

Media Sharing

GBWhatsApp Media Sharing

It is for enhancing Picture, Videos and Audio sharing options. From this, you will get some decent modifications which are exclusively available in this app. Here’s a list of what this feature offer.

  • Can Send Video up to 50 MB
  • Send Image with Max Resolution
  • Can Send Audio up to 100 MB
  • Able to Post Full Resolution Picture as a Status
  • Can Increase Video Limit for Status (7 minutes)

Goto Menu >> GB Settings >> Appearance >> Media Sharing.

Other MODS

Other MODS

I thought that this would be the best suitable Heading for explaining about the remaining features which are available in the GBWA APK. So, read more about this one from below.

  • Lock – You can Add lock with the passcode to protect your chats secrets from others. It will help you to prevent from accidentally opening by friends or family member.
  • Disable Voice Calls – If you don’t want to receive any calls from contacts, then this is the perfect solution for you.
  • Always Online – You will stay online even the screen goes off.
  • Lock Particular Chat – You can find when you open the menu from the chat screen.
  • DND (Do Not Disturb) – By enabling this option your GBWhatsApp will not receive the Internet connection.

Find more by exploring the GB WhatsApp Apk and more features will be rolling by. Always read before enabling or disabling any feature, because one little mistake touch could ruin your designs and delete your chats.

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GBWhatsApp APK 6.85 Features

Due to the cool features of GBWhatsApp Mod app, everybody do want to use it. There are so many awesome features which this GBWhatsApp app offers users, which are not available in the official WhatsApp app. You’ll get to know and use those features once you start using this GBWhatsApp Mod app. Meanwhile, check out some of the updated features of the latest version of GBWhatsApp.

GBWhatsApp App

  • Enabled locked voice recording for send long voice messages without keep touching voice icon.
  • Get notifications of revoked messages other person don’t want to see them.
  • You can play WhatsApp videos with your favourite music player.
  • Now you can read Group description in header like normal status.
  • Added Payment option – Pay to your friends via your bank account.
  • Added mention option to mention someone’s name in group.
  • Auto reply feature – When you are busy, set auto reply message. Also you can now exclude groups or contacts from auto reply.
  • Added several groups features.
  • Added New Emojis Support.
  • You Can Enable DND mode in WhatsApp, which will disable Internet in GBWhatsApp.
  • Send Text Message Broadcast to groups.
  • You can filter messages while clear chat.
  • Anti-Revoke messages.
  • Enabled Live Locations for share live location with your friends.
  • Add Effects in Images/Videos while sending.
  • Revoke Multiple WhatsApp messages at once.
  • Send upto 100 Documents at once instead of 30.
  • New Emojis and GIF search added.
  • Make Calls to non-contact numbers.
  • Media auto download for specific group/contacts only.
  • Message Scheduler Inbuilt – Now you can schedule.
  • WhatsApp messages from this app.
    Hide View Status Privacy.
  • Added option for hide chats, save status/story.
  • New Emojis Added.
  • Video Calling Feature is now working.
  • Send Videos Upto 50 MB.
  • Set Group name upto 35 characters.
  • Fixed Various Bugs while sending videos.
  • You hide your last seen, Blue ticks, Second tick, typing a message and much more.
  • You can also copy other people status on your clipboard.
  • You can send the broadcast message up to 600 people at once.
  • You can put status of 255 characters instead of 139 characters without any issues.
  • About 100+ language supports.
  • Change theme easily by going into theme option.
  • Mod to stay online for 24 hours (consume more
  • Can be installed along with original WhatsApp without clashing.
  • No ban issues.
  • Create your WhatsApp theme and submit it to GBWhatsApp.
  • Send images up to 90 in one click instead of 10 images.
  • Press links without saving the admin and contact numbers on WhatsApp group and contact number.
  • Ability to copy selected text of WhatsApp.
  • You can also add lock on your WhatsApp without any third party software.
  • You can also change the application icon and notification icon.

So these are the few out of the many features which GBWhatsApp offers. You can get to know and use the other features when you use the application. You’ll sure love it.

GBWhatsApp APK Info

App NameGBWhatsApp
UpdatedApril 10, 2019.
Required OSAndroid 4.2+
File Size28MB + 28MB + 28MB

GBWhatsApp APK 6.85 Download Links

Well, I have collected the latest version of GBWhatsApp in three links. You can download any of these, that fits your needs according to your phone CPU Model. This is to make sure the app doesn’t give you problem after installing. Download My Device app to check your device CPU Model, then you’ll know which one of the download links you should use. I will keep updating this page for GBWA latest version download link. You can bookmark this page for more updates.


  DOWNLOAD APK (Arm64-v8a)

DOWNLOAD APK (Armeabi-v7a)

Finally, you’ve downloaded GBWhatsApp APK 6.70 with it’s newly added features and fixed bugs. First of all before updating, backup your chats in GB WhatsApp app, then uninstall the old version. After that just install the latest version from below link and enjoy new features. In the upcoming version, GBWhatsapp updates, many features will be added so stay tuned. Read on so you can get full installation guide.

What’s New in GBWhatsApp APK 6.85?

GBWA Features

As always there are new features added in every update of GBWhatsApp. So now let’s talk about new features which are added in this particular update.

  • New Base Updated to 2.19.17
  • Enabled Stickers
  • Exclusive No More Forward Tag to Opposite Person even if you forward
  • Exclusive @mention Icon on Main Screen to easily Know where you are tagged
  • Exclusively Improved Option to Block Calls with/without Showing Ringing to Opp Person.
  • Exclusively Added New Option to Select Part Message (Mod 1.2.2)
  • Enabled Swipe To Reply
  • Enabled Group Calls
  • Increased Forward Limit for Indian Users
  • Added Option to Set Duration for Revoked Message Notification (Mod 6.8)
  • Added Themed Stickers Tab
  • Fixed Hidden Chats Showing in Calls Tab
  • Fixed Square Pics
  • Fixed Search in Themes
  • Other Bugs Fixed.

Note: You can also request new features by leaving a comment below. If you do this, we’ll let GBmods developers know your request. You can even report bugs and other issues. These bugs will also be fixed with new versions. For new themes, you can use GB Themes app. It has a big collection of themes.

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How to Install GBWhatsApp APK on Android Devices?

Like the installation of all the messaging apps, GB WhatsApp application has similar steps for installation. Let’s go through them. Firstly as this is a third-party application, you will need to enable unknown sources.


Enabling it is simple you will have to go the phone “Settings” then select “Security” and now tap on the “Unknown Sources” to allow it.

This application works on both rooted and non-rooted Android devices. GBWA Apk works mostly on Android devices so if you have ios, windows or blackberry phones you might not be able to use it. Let’s get the laid down steps on the installation.


Download GB WhatsApp from the above links. I have given three GBWhatsApp download links which are all for the Latest Version as well as instruction to downloading the right one for your Android device.

GBWhatsApp Application


Now you just need to install it as you do with other apps. You can open your device file manager and locate the application. Or else you can download ES File Explorer app and use it.

GBWhatsApp APK Android


Once you see the GB WhatsApp Apk file on screen just tap on it, then click on the install button at the bottom. The installation process might take a few seconds. After that, it will display that the app has been installed.



Now open the app then it will ask you to enter the number for the verification process. Just fill up and verify it. If you didn’t receive the OTP code via SMS, then you can get the OTP code via phone call.



Now that the verification is done you can enjoy the fantastic features that this app has provided. Keep updating the app for more features. GBWhatsApp update gets release every few month and comes with lots of new features.

GBWhatsApp App for Android

Note: You must follow these instructions exactly as I’ve explained here to avert any problem of usage. You can leave your normal WhatsApp apk and use a different number in this GBWA Apk so with that you’ll be able to enjoy dual whatsapp on your Android device.

How to Update GBWhatsApp App to Latest Version?

If you want to install the latest version of GBWhatsApp as an update to the previous version, then simply follow the below laid down steps.

  • First of all, you need to download the latest version.
  • After that locate it and install it on your Android device.
  • Once you install the latest version it will automatically override the old version of the app.
  • You don’t need to uninstall the old version.
  • When you get the update pop-up just visit this page and follow the above steps.

Drawbacks of GBWhatsApp APK

There are some things you need to know before using GBWhatsApp Mod Apk. They are the drawbacks (problems) of GBWhatsApp application.

  • GBWhatsApp crashes in an interval of days or weeks (You lose all chats when this happens).
  • The GBWhatsApp app covers much of your internal memory space (Not advisable for those with low RAM devices to use it).
  • For some android devices, the GBWhatsApp app cannot install an update without uninstalling the previous (Also results to chats loss).

Where can I download the latest GBWhatsApp APK 6.85? You can Download using the provided download links above.

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Wrapping Up

GBWhatsApp APK will take your WhatsApp experience to a whole new level. It has a bunch of amazing features. There are lots of layouts available for this app that you can download to give it your own flavor. Don’t bother about the security concerns. GBWA Apk is also providing the same security and policies of the official WhatsApp. So, If you want to get more extra features, then download GB WhatsApp Apk on your Android device now.

So that’s that. Let’s know your thoughts, opinions, and experience about GBWhatsApp APK. Don’t read this article alone, kindly share with friends as it would be of great benefit and usefulness to them. Still, want to ask anything? Leave your feedback below via the comment box and I’ll get back to you as soon as possible. Thanks and Enjoy…


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