How to Play PSP Games on PC for Free 2019 (Working)


Recently, I wrote about the best ppsspp games for android devices, and i’m sure anyone who read the article will surely like the compilations of the ppsspp games listed in it, so now here is another article that will help you on how to play psp games on your pc.

Playing games on wider screen is arguably one of the best feeling you’d get as a gamer, and we all know psp is a portable device so its screen size is small. Just like how people play games on psp and android devices, they both small screens and some games need larger screens for better graphics and performance.

Some games like PES 2019, PES 2018, FIFA 19 are always fun to play on wider screens because their graphics quality can automatically enhance it self, so therefore i’ll show you how to play psp games on your pc, and i’ll show you the best configuration that will make the game graphics look even bettter.

How to Play PSP Games on PC for Free 2019

To run psp games on your pc, there few things you will need to have or download if you don’t have them, i will list them below, so you can download one by one.

  • Android Emulator (BlueStacks)
  • PSP Emulator (PPSSPP)
  • A Good pc with at least core 2 and 4GB Ram
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Steps to Download and Play PSP Games on PC

Step 1. First you will need to download Bluestacks On your pc, Bluestacks is an open android emulator that lets you run any android apps on your phone without any issues, its safe and also provides more enhanced features compared to normal android device, you can download bluestacks via the download button below.

Download BlueStacks

play psp games on pc

Then after downloading, install it then follow the configuration process shown below in order to make the bluestacks run perfectly on your pc without facing any lagging.

  • After installation is completed, you will need to sign in your gmail account or create a new one if you don’t have.
  • Now go to settings and change the screen resolution of the bluestacks, do not chose the exact resolution of your pc, like the image below, my resolution is 1600×900, but i’ll select something lower (default), for more speed, leave the DPI the way it is.

play psp games on pc

  • Close the bluestacks and open it again, then go to settings>engine, and change the following, but i’ll use my own methods to explain, so you can understand. If your cpu core is 4, then you need to set the memory to 2000MB, if its 3 core, it should be 1500MB and if your cores are about 6-8, then you should set the memory size to match it.
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play psp games on pc

Step 2. Now restart the bluestacks and open it again, then go to google playstore and download any browser, then copy and past this ppsspp apk link to the address bar, then download and install it inside the bluestacks emulator.

play psp games on pc

Step 4. Now you need to download the games you want to play, you must download them while in the bluestacks, you can download games from the list of games here. Once you have downloaded the game you want, download and install Zarchiver inside the bluestacks, then locate the download folder and extract the psp game as shown below.

play psp games on pc

Step 5. Now open the ppsspp app from the bluestacks emulator, and locate the download folder where the psp iso file is located, now select the game which you had downloaded, once it launch’s, to control it would be difficult, but i will explain how to play it with your keyboard.

play psp games on pc
Playing NFS Most Wanted on PPSSPP Via BlueStacks

Now that is  all about playing psp games on pc, now you will need to configure the ppsspp app for better graphics and performance, so therefore i have provided a tutorial from youtube, watch the full video on how to get the best settings in order to enjoy every game you play on it.

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PPSSPP Best Settings for Good Graphics & Performance

How to Configure PPSSPP Controls on PC

Well if you have a game pad, it would have been more easier for you to get the controls working for you, but if you are good with pc keyboard, then you can set the controls by using any key buttons you want. So here is how to set the controls

  • Open the ppsspp app from bluestacks
  • Go to settings
  • Click On Controls
  • Click On Control Mappings
  • you will see the default key settings there, so if you have a game pad, you can easily play on with the default keys, but if you want to use the keyboard to play, simply click on any control you want to change, then set the old one to the new button you want to use, do it to all buttons till you have set everything to your taste.

play psp games on pc


That is all about how to play psp games on pc, hope you enjoy reading this article and if yes, don’t forget to share with friends as well and if you have any issues regarding the steps in this article, kindly leave us a comment.


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