PUBG Mobile 0.12.0 Highly Compressed (300MB) for Android

PUBG Mobile Highly Compressed

You must have heard or known of PUBG Mobile Survival game, and that’s the reason you’re on this page. Maybe you do not have enough data to get the full version of this game or your device does not have the capacity of running the bigger sized version of the game, but not to worry, because in this article you’ll get the links to download PUBG Mobile Highly Compressed version of 300MB which will run smooth on your Android device. But we should know some few details pertaining this game right?? Let’s get to it then…

PUBG Mobile is an action based game for Android users, available across over 500 thousand Android devices, this game has set the tone to become one of the best online games ever to be developed on smartphones. PUBG Mobile is a game of survival and the last players takes the ultimate chicken dinner price, now you can download the latest version via the download links shown below.

Like every other survival games you’ve seen, PUBG Mobile Highly Compressed is slightly different and very realistic in every way. In this game, you and 99 other players are to board a plane which then dumps you guys on an unknown area to battle for survival and be the last man standing. Y’all are provided with weapons which are not too easy to find. You can also kill another survivor and take his/her equipments or weapon’s which would prove useful to you as you get on with the game.

PUBG Highly Compressed

In PUBG Mobile Highly Compressed version, you can choose to play solo (by yourself) or play with a squad (a group of friends) which will compete with another squad.. Now the aim here is for your squad to defeat the other opponent squad. If you so choose to play solo, then you will have to fight and kill every other player to be the last man standing. Winning gives you the chance for multiple rewards which will be beneficial to you. Now let’s see some few features of this game.

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Features of PUBG Mobile Highly Compressed 300MB

High-quality Graphics and HD Audio – The powerful Unreal Engine 4 creates a jaw-dropping visual experience with rich detail, realistic gameplay effects and a massive HD map for Battle Royale. Feel like you’re in the thick of the action as you play with high-quality audio, immersive 3D sound effects and 7.1 channel surround sound.

★ Realistic Weapons – A constantly growing lethal arsenal of firearms, melee weapons, and throwables with realistic ballistics and travel trajectories gives you the option to shoot, beat down, or incinerate your adversaries. Oh, and you like the pan? We’ve got the pan.

★ Travel in Style – Commandeer a variety of vehicles including cars, trucks, motorcycles, and boats to hunt down your enemies, race them to the play zone or make a swift escape. Use available vehicles to go to places (where you want to make a kill or take a loot) fast.

PUBG Mobile Highly Compressed

PUBG Mobile Highly Compressed Apk + Data Download

Here is the link which will be used to download PUBG Highly Compressed Apk and Data file. The links are safe and easy to use. They do not contain any virus, and files are not corrupt. After downloading, please follow the below instruction on how to install and get it playing on your Android device so you wouldn’t face any errors. The link below will lead you to PUBG Mobile 0.12.0 Highly Compressed download links.

 Download PUBG Highly Compressed

How to Install PUBG Mobile Highly Compressed

  • Kindly follow the below laid down steps to install PUBG Mobile in your Android device safely.
  • After you’ve successfully downloaded the Apk and Data files which are all in .RAR format;
  • Download and install ZArchiver Pro Apk which would be used in extracting the OBB files from the Data files.
  • After extracting the OBB files, cut and paste into Android>>Obb folder.
  • Then install your PUBG APK in your Android device.
  • Launch game and enjoy playing whenever you feel like.

Features of PUBG Mobile 0.12.0 Highly Compressed 300MB

PUBG Vikendi Map

The much more anticipated new map on PUBG Mobile for the version 0.10.0 update has more and more to offer, and the 6×6 shaped map bring you to a whole new experience of intense battle, the new map called vikendi is also said to have a new set of weapon and also a different ride which will give players a smooth journey when travelling around.

  • MK47 Mutant – This is one of the newly expected to be added gun, already available on pubg versions on pc and xbox, this gun will let you fire bullets in different modes and also its max ammo chip is not less than 20.
  • Laser Sight Attachment – For better shooting accuracy, the new laser sight attachment will allow players to get the best out of their shooting skills and one the guns which will have the opportunity to use this laser sight attachment is the mk47 mutant, although other guns will be able to use it as well.
  • New Control Settings – Players can now change the way they use their controls, the new control settings offers players to play in a different way.
  • Cross-Server Matchmaking – Players can now be matched to other players with the same tier on different servers, this increases the chance of more hardcore battle.
  • Vekendi Weather (Day, Moonlight & Snow) – Just like the dynamic night weather on sanhok and erangel, well vikendi also fall alongside maps that will give players the chance to play via night mode, this update will give vikendi a totally different game play, the battle will be more intense than ever.
  • Zombie Mode – Well after it was announced that tencent and resident evil are partnering together, we all expected something more intriguing and we all got what we wanted, zombies from resident evil 2 will be added to a game mode on erangel map, it will be a limited time event where you have to kill nothing but zombies, and also zombies will be found wandering around the map, kill them for more loots and better items.
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PUBG Mobile 0.12.0 Highly Compressed Download Links

The links below are for PUBG Mobile 0.12.0 global version, compressed and splitted in to 6 parts, all 300MB respectively, so download each parts and extract then accordingly, the files are protected but you can use netjiffy as the password to unlock them.







PUBG Mobile 0.12.0 Global Version

The PUBG Highly Compressed 0.12.0 is now updated and you can enjoy the expected expected feature’s that PUBG made it known that it would come with it. Nevertheless, the new feature’s such as the Vikendi, a 6km x 6km snow map, is now available in this update! Once you installed the files and moved it to the default location, you can go ahead and install the apk file, now launch the game and download the 3MB update which will be requested once the game is about to load, download the update, wait for it to install, now close the game and launch again.

  • Added Resident Evil 2 main menu theme and music.
  • Added weather: Moonlight to Vikendi.
  • Added Personal Spaces, where player information and Connections are displayed. Select a friend with Synergy 400 or above as Partner to stand by your side in your Space!
  • Added push-to-talk chat in matches.
  • Sanhok is now available in Arcade – Quick Match.
  • Added a PC feature: damage stacking outside of safe zone. The further away players are from the safe zone, the more damage they take.
  • Added feature form our PC counterpart: Air raid adjustment. In Sanhok and Vinkendi, the size of the air raid area is reduced as the safe zone reduces in size.

Do make sure to bookmark this page and check out this thread, because as new PUBG Mobile versions are been released, the compressed files links will be updated here as soon as possible. Do tell a friend to tell a friend about this blog. And also if you need tutorials on how to play PUBG Mobile on pc, you can check this tutorial for more info about it.


Now follow these instructions very well and the PUBG Highly Compressed game, would run smoothly on your Android device with it’s full HD Graphics. If you have any issues regarding this guide, do not hesitate to use the comment box below and ask your questions. We would gladly get back to you. Enjoy..



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