How to Run Multiple WhatsApp Accounts on Android

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Running multiple whatsapp accounts on one android device is not something you will find difficulty in doing it, and if you have an android device with dual sim, perhaps you might have interest in getting multiple whatsapp running on your device, kindly follow the steps shown below, won’t take much of your time and won’t be that stressful.

Sometimes you might want to chat with your contacts in a different way, and depending on what type of relationship you have with most of them, some can be business related, just friends or even families, you can conversate with them even on a single whatsapp but if you want to have each conversations in a different way, rather than getting and extra device, you can easily run at least 2 or more whatsapp on your android device, you just have to make sure your sim cards are active and ready for use, the guide to run multiple whatsapp on one android device is shown below, so check it out.

How to Run Multiple WhatsApp Accounts on Android

This process involves using at least 2 different whatsapp, actually that depends on how many whatsapp you want to use, but people mostly make use of OG Whatsapp and GB Whatsapp, but you can still use the official whatsapp app as well.

Don’t be confused, each of these whatsapp does create different folders so you don’t have to worry about one inconveniencing the other, and they can run wat the same time.

The first step will be explained using OG Whatsapp, i guess you might have heard about Yowhatsapp (OG) its a good modified version of the official whatsapp, it can let you use 2 numbers on one whatsapp and also lets you change your whatsapp icon.

Steps to Run Multiple WhatsApp Accounts on Android

Step 1. First of all, you will need to download og whatsapp on your android device, you can download via the provided download button shown below.

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Download OG WhatsApp

Step 2. Now you have to create a backup of your whatsapp, everything in your whatsapp folder should be backed up as well.

Step 3. Once you’ve completed your back up, now you will need to clear your whatsapp data (official whatsapp) do a proper cache and data cleaning.

Step 4. Now go to your file manager and rename your whatsapp folder to OGWhatsApp, then save once done.

Step 5. Now open your Ogwhatsapp, then input the new number you want to use, verify it, same thing you’ll need to do on your official whatsapp app.

That’s done, now you can use two whatsapp in one android device, but there’s still another way and that involves using gb whatsapp, so follow the guide below.

Using GBWhatsApp

Gb whatsapp sounds very popular these days and of course its another modified version of whatsapp, and its one of the most used out there, it shares almost the same features with OG Whatsapp but still far behind in terms of what Og whatsapp offers, but overall performance and features its very good to use.

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Step 1.  You’ll need to download gb whatsapp apk on your android device, you can do that via the provided download button shown below.

  Download GBWhatsApp

Step 2. Once you’ve downloaded the apk file, now install the gb whatsapp app, once done, now open the app, input your other mobile number, complete verification process, once you have done that, you can now use more than one whatsapp on your android device.


It’s as simple as that, just follow the steps correctly and it won’t take much of your time before you begin to use more than two whatsapp in one android device, if you have any questions, do feel free to ask via the comment box.


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