How to Use Copy My Data to Transfer Data


    Learn how to use Copy My Data to transfer data from one device to another, with the easy steps which will be shown today, you can easily move data from an old device to the new one or even from android device to iphone, just follow the steps which will be shown along the article.

    Nowadays people tends to to have more data stored on their smartphones than on computers and cloud storage’s, and of course you can easily get access to your data’s if stored on your device, its very easy cause you already know which location you stored specific images or maybe calendar schedule.

    Or maybe you have an android device which you have been using for quite a long time and you just got tired of it and said okay its time to get a new android device or move to Ios side of life, i.e getting an iphone or ipad. You might have a lot of data which you don’t want to lose and even if you know how to move your data’s easily, you will still prefer the easiest way to do that, that is why Copy My Data app makes everything look easy cause you can just create a connection bridge from your old device to the new one or your android device to an iphone device, so here’s how to use copy my data to transfer files from one device to another.

    What is Copy My Data?

    Copy my data is arguable one of the best data transfer app you’ll find on android and ios store, its very reliable and it lets you enjoy premium services for free, unlike other data transfer apps out there, copy my data is just so unique and straight forward to use. You can easily move your data over wifi connection and this app doesn’t come with glitch but sometimes it brings out ads and that is normal.

    How to Use Copy My Data to Transfer Data from One Device to Another

    STEP 1. Using copy my data is very much easier but first you need to install the app on your android device, this tutorial is detailed via android, but you can use this same method if you want to copy from iphone to android, so download the app below, both android and iphone download links are provided below.

    The app was not found in the store. 🙁

    The app was not found in the store. 🙁

    STEP 2. Well this step requires having both device connected to same wifi network, you might not have a wireless connection, but you can connect both device by using a mobile hotspot from another device, you just have to make sure both devices which you want to move data from do share the same connection between them.

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    STEP 3. Once you’re connected, now launch the copy my data app on both devices, launching for the first time you will see an interface with little insight on copy my data and what it does, just click on next to continue.

    Copy My Data

    STEP 4. Once you’re on the next page, now you have to choose how you want your data to be copied, with the two available options below, either you copy your data from another device over your wifi network, or you restore a backup from google drive, but we are going to click the first option.

    Copy My Data

    STEP 5. Lets say the first option was selected, now watch has Copy My data will automatically search for other device, i.e the one which shares the same wifi connection with you, once seen, now you need to select it.

    Copy My Data

    STEP 6. Once you selected the device and it takes you to the next screen, now you’ll need to select between copying data to or from the device which you connected to, but if you just bought a new device, be it android or iphone, you’ll need to select the first option which is “Copy data to selected Device“.

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    Copy My Data

    STEP 7. Now after selecting copy data to selected device, you should see a screen displaying 4 digits pin on your old android device, now input the pins to the new device which you’re copying data to.

    Copy My Data

    STEP 8. Once you’ve inputted the codes, now you’ll need to tap on next and select the type of data you want to copy, all you need to do is select the ones you need while leaving the rest, now tap on copy then wait while your data are being moved to your new device.

    Copy My Data


    That is the easiest way to copy your data from one device to another and with the use of copy my data app, you can easily move data’s without stress, well despite the ability to move data, there are data’s which copy my data can’t move, musics, apps and games can’t be moved but the one’s it can move are also helpful and mostly needed in most cases, don’t forget to share with friends.


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